Fndmntl - Original

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Reimagine your mornings, enjoy the sweet MCT brain booster, and let the functional benefits of FNDMNTL Original guide you toward a day of unparalleled productivity. Because starting your day right isn't just a routine—it's a statement of purpose.

FNDMNTL Original unflavored MCT - the perfect fusion of flavor and profound health benefits. This creamy, honey-textured flavored MCT is your key to a revitalized lifestyle, providing quickly metabolized energy and focus to unleash more of you.

No Sugar / No Dairy - Enjoy a delicious creamy-like taste that's naturally sweetened without sugar, additives, or milk products.

Pure Power, Naturally: Embrace a Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Boost.

With its delightful vanilla essence, FNDMNTL offers a delicious twist to your daily routine, making wellness not just a habit but a pleasure.